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Chris Storm
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Geelong, Barwon and Western Region of Victoria

A Sensorimotor Art Therapy Approach that can assist in healing from past trauma and interruptions in your development.

Work at the Clay Field® is a powerful tactile method of reconnecting with sensory memory for the purpose of completing and processing any unfinished business that may be impacting on how we engage with our everyday lives.

Developed as a technique by Professor Heinz Deuser in Germany, over a 40 year period, it is today recognized and registered in Europe as a therapy form in its own right. There it is currently utilised in a range of mental health settings, schools, women’s shelters and to facilitate trauma healing.

Touch as language is the earliest form of communication we have. From the calming touch of a parent to a newborn through to touch as a connection between those we care about, our hands hold the gateway to our body and sensory response in ways that the spoken word is unable to do so.

In order to be able to express ourselves and our experiences we need to be able to engage with this sense of touch, our ‘haptic perception’. It connects us to a way of communicating that is much older than visual or oral communication. Work at the Clay Field® is based entirely on our sense of touch and has the ability to reconnect us with the core of our identity.

Working with a rectangular box filled with clay, the hands seek out what movements they require. There is no finished product to take home and the experience is integrated at the completion. The kinesthetic motor action combined with sensory perception has the ability to produce lasting therapeutic benefits, including processing and healing past trauma, in a safe and contained environment.

This modality is suitable for small children through to those in their "golden" ages and can unlock our potential without having to retell our stories over and over again.

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