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Chris Storm
47 Barrabool Rd
Highton 3216
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Geelong, Barwon and Western Region of Victoria

Workshops that support personal growth

A variety of workshops designed to explore, reflect and reconnect using various creative arts.



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Upcoming events:


Group supervision for Community Services practitioners

Four options:  12 or 13 May and 11 or 12 August, 2019

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Next Workshop dates: 21st May, 3-5pm and 25th June 2016 3-5pm

Join in the star weavers contributing to the One Million Stars to End Violence project. This project culminates in a grand installation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Come along a learn the weaving technique and add your star to those being made as part of Geelong's contribution.

Location: 47 Barrabool Road, Highton. 3216.

Cost: Gold coin donation


This series will find participants using various creative arts techniques to assist in working towards developing new ways of strengthening and building resilience.

Stay tuned for more dates and details as they come to hand.....

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Clients have indicated that engaging in various art therapy sessions has assisted to increase their ability to move forward and leave past behaviours behind.

"This workshop has provided me a safe space to explore myself and the activity was a great way to process what I discovered".....Participant in Goddess Doll workshop 2015.

"I never realised how felting could help me tap into myself and help me express things that words never seemed to be able to do".....Participant in Heartfelt workshop 2015

"This was great fun, and I loved being able to create my own personal mandala".....Participant in Mandala - the Sacred Round workshop 2015

Interested but not sure what to do next or how to go about it. Feel free to contact us for more information, on either our workshops or to explore the option for one to one work.

If you are unsure if one of our groups or an individual session would be best for you, the following questions might help you to consider your personal situation, for example:

  • Do you prefer to talk about things?
    We are more than happy to listen and assist you explore other ways of being.

  • Perhaps you want to actively work on something that is impacting on you?
    We can provide various exercises and techniques for you to practice and consolidate your new skills

  • Is something from the past impacting on the present, or perhaps you would like to work on healing from past trauma?
    We use various Sensorimotor and Initiatic Art Therapy techniques to explore ways in which this can be done.

  • Do you find you keep repeating the same way of responding to situation and want to open up possibilities for growth?
    Why not try working at the Clay Field®. It offers opportunity for one to experience both a powerful and profound healing experience and a sense of calm in the chaos.


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